Core Team


Linux and open source nut. Knows the datacenter inside and out. Tracking every bolt, fibre, and blinking LED to keep the 0’s and 1’s moving, both on-premise and in the cloud.


Die hard FPGA guy. Ex-HFT, Jump & Exablaze, PhD EE from EPFL. Loves datacenters, servers and accelerators.


Knows how to make software and hardware dance a tango. Ex-Microsoft, HP, & Daimler. In constant search of better ways to process, move, and store data.


The Ops guru. Passionate about building high performing teams, creating and fostering growth-mindset cultures. Ex-quant finance (PDT), & crypto infrastructure (MoonPay). Repetition makes the master.


Reverse engineer and theory nerd. Formerly systems security and crypto eng at Google. Where one builds walls, another learns to climb.


Neck deep in crypto code. Formerly early eng at Coinbase & Bitcoin contributor. Field elements must not be multiplied beyond necessity.


Hardware guy who loves cryptography and processor design. RISC-V & Chisel enthusiast, always building fun stuff.


Crypto/Secure HW architect, loves all things performance. Ex-NextSilicon, PhD from COSIC/KU Leuven. ZKPs will end bureaucracy.


Engineering the software that drives the hardware. Loves to travel and explore — journeyed through Intel, Exablaze, HFTs, and speaks various network protocols. Fun begins where performance matters.


Mathematician at heart, digging deep into cryptography. Formerly Coinbase & Johns Hopkins. Mighty is geometry; joined with art, resistless.


From aerospace to manufacturing to crypto, made a career out of asking "So, how does that work?"
Lines of code, cache lines, transmission lines. You don't have to be an engineer to be a racing driver, but you do have to have mechanical sympathy.


Software Engineer with a hobby for Theoretical Computer Science. Lived across the globe, picking up inspiration from every corner. Chess drama aficionado. Formerly Carnegie Mellon, Clumio, Two Sigma, Proven.

Advisor Team